Protests erupt in Afghanistan over claims Pakistan supports Taliban

Herat: Anti-Pakistan protests have erupted in Herat in Afghanistan over Islamabad’s support to the Taliban which led to the killing of five Diplomats from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The protests took place outside the Pakistan Consulate in Herat with protestors chanting slogans of ‘ down with Pakistan ‘. The slogan shouting protestors also burnt the Pakistani flag and held Islamabad responsible for backing the Taliban which led to the murder of five UAE diplomats and which has triggered a rethinking of UAE’s ties with Pakistan.

The Afghan protests come at a time when relations between the UAE and Pakistan are at an all time low following the killings of the five UAE diplomats.

Earlier, members of the Afghanistan Green Trend (AGT) held a demonstration outside the Pakistan embassy to protest over Islamabad’s perceived role in terrorism and dubbed the consulate as a “nest of spies”. Members of the group, also known as Rawand-e Sabz-e Afghanistan carried posters and chanted anti-Pakistan slogans during their demonstration on Friday, reports the Tolo News.

The protesters accused the Pakistani embassy of changing into a “nest of spies in Afghanistan” and said Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) supports insurgents and had a hand in recent terrorist attacks in the country. The demonstration follows a string of deadly attacks in Afghanistan on Tuesday that also killed many foreign officials.

Two blasts took place at a guesthouse in Kandahar on Tuesday, where a meeting between UAE envoy, Kandahar Governor and police chief was underway. The blast killed five UAE officials. Earlier on Tuesday, at least 27 people were killed and 70 others wounded in twin blasts near parliament offices in Kabul.