Protest against Racist Attack in USA

Today under the banner of AIPSO, K Yadava reddy MLC (TRS), President AIPSO,  Dr.D.Sudhakar AIPSO National General Secretary, MRG Vinod reddy AIPSO Vice President and General Secretary TPCC,  Rekha Secretary AIPSO TS,  Raghupal AIPSO TS president, Venkata swamy General secretary Hyderabad dist and others went to American Consulate General at Hyderabad to submit memorandum to protect Indians from racist attacks in US. But police objected and stopped the activist on the road itself. Ironically Consulate officials did not respond to take the memorandum.

K Yadavareddy while talking to the media lambasted the officials’ attitude for refusing the appointment for the AIPSO activists and he demanded the American Government to take action to stop attacks on Indians and other nationals. Dr.D.Suddhakar General Secretary of AIPSO while talking to the media said that the most of the American revenue generated by Indians only once if they come back what would be the fate of America he questioned. And he demanded Donald trump to take action for peace full atmosphere and to safe guard the people’s rights. America used to clime that their democracy is oldest… if this is the democracy no body want it… he criticized.. He demanded that exgretia of $ one million should be paid to each of the diseased families and to the injured families by US government.  (Photo: Zabi)