Protest against Syria strikes in New York city

New York: A protest against the US-led air strikes on Syria was held at the Union Square in New York city.

“I’m opposed to it. It’s another example of US imperial expansion in the Middle East,” said Gordon Barnes, an adjunct lecturer at Queens College, City University of New York.

Barnes, who joined the protest on Saturday, said he did not believe that military attacks will solve the problem in Syria and viewed the US military action as a disingenuous one, reports Xinhua news agency.

Asked about the refugee crisis that has aroused much controversy, Barnes said he was in favour of letting the refugees into the United States because the country is in part responsible for the crisis, not only in Syria, but also in other places around the world.
Like Barnes, many voiced concerns for the civilians affected by the air strikes in Syria.

“My heart goes out to the innocent Syrians who will suffer from this,” said a resident of New York city.

Others questioned the legitimacy of the attack.

On Friday night, the US, France and the UK launched coordinated strikes in Syria as President Donald Trump sought to “punish” his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad for a suspected chemical attack in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, that killed over 70 people.

The strikes targeted three facilities associated with Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, including a scientific research facility around Damascus, a chemical weapons storage facility around Homs alleged to be used for sarin gas and a nearby command post, according to the Pentagon.

Russia has reacted strongly to the air strikes and warned of “consequences”.

After the strikes were launched, the New York City Police Department said in a statement that counterterrorism officers have been deployed in and around the city.

However, it assured citizens that “there is no nexus to New York City, nor are there any credible threats to New York City, at this time”.