Protest against animal cruelty planned in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Following a string of animal cruelty cases, a Hong Kong-based animal welfare group, AnimalSaver HK, is planning a sit-in protest, calling on people to join the vigil in a public park in Hong Kong’s Central District.

According to the Hong Kong Standard, the group heated up its agitations after a spurt was noticed in cases registered against cruelty towards animals, including the death of a male Japanese Spitz, who was thrown from a 23-story residential block in Cheung Sha Wan.

Two turtles were also found dead on the platform of the same building, with local Police investigating the possibility of a link between the two atrocious incidents.

Also, a number of dog-poisoning cases were registered in Tai Po in recent weeks, with at least seven dogs killed in villages in the district.

The group, in a Facebook post titled ‘We are outraged’ said, “Too many dogs are abused leading to their deaths. Too many hit-and-run cases that involved animals have happened lately. We can no longer stay silent. We should all stand up and fight for the protection and rights of animals.”

In response, thousands of people have indicated a desire to taking part in the protest, scheduled to be held at the Chater Garden on the 29th of this month, with some people suggesting they would get their pets along.

Urging the police to set up a special unit to handle animal cruelty cases, the group has also called on judicial authorities to increase penalties, which as of now include an imprisonment for up to three years and a maximum fine of HK $2,00,000, to avert future cases of animal abuse. (ANI)