Protection of Waqf land of Shahi Masjid is more essential than water harvesting

Minority Welfare officials are trying to get into the good books of government by announcing scheme related to harvest of wudu water in Shahi Masjid Public Garden however Minority Welfare Department is in no way concerned for the 3361 sqyds land of Shahi Masjid which is occupied by Horticulture Department. A temporary temple has also been constructed on this. Preservation of 3361 sqyds Waqf land, which has been cordoned off by horticulture department is far more essential than water harvesting.

Minority Department is not interested in the dilapidating roof of historical Makkah Masjid, salaries of staff and home guards of Makkah Masjid and Shahi Masjid, non-payment of salaries of staff of Urdu Academy Computer Centres for 3 months.

Secretary Minority Welfare and persons associated with Shahi Masjid are well aware of the facts but they have maintained criminal silence on the illegal occupation. No one is interested in restoring the 3361 sqyds Waqf land.

It must be noted that government is not satisfied with the performance of Minority Welfare department hence it has announced to launch water harvesting project to please the government.

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