Protection of Wakf properties need of the hour

Hyderabad: All India Muslim Sangam and Wakf Protection Cell officials, Maulana Hamid Husain Shuttari, Mr. Khalid Rasool Khan, Mr. Mirza Yousuf Baig and Mr. Abdullah Khan told that the Muslims of Telangana State are anxious about the protection of Wakf properties. Govt. should constitute the new Wakf Board free from corruption. They also told that the Muslims played an important role in the success of TRS in Telangana State. The functioning of Wakf Board should be transparent and only honest persons should be nominated to the Wakf Board. They applauded the steps taken by Special Officers and CEOs of Wakf Board. They pointed out that TRS had made a promise that it would protect Wakf properties if it assumed power. They requested the Govt. to terminate illegal possessions of Wakf properties, filing affidavit in Supreme Court against Lanco Hills, Scrutiny of Wakf Records with Revenue Records, appointment of professional staff and eradication of political interference in Wakf Board. They insisted that Wakf Tribunal should be made effective. Despite clear instructions from CM and the issue of GO, the building adjacent to Hajj House which is under construction, is still awaiting Municipal permission. GHMC insists Wakf Board to pay Rs. 4.6 crore towards tax whereas it owes Rs. 400 crore to Wakf Board.

–Siasat News