To protect Masjid Mustafa Khan is the religious duty of every Muslim

Hyderabad, November 30: State waqf board has filed a petition in Andhra Pradesh High Court asking it to direct the concerned officials for chemical testing of the soil surrounding historical Mustafa Khan mosque in order to find out whether there was a graveyard around it or not.

A report was published in Siasat daily regarding Mustafa Khan Mosque. It has been learnt that Hyderabad Golf Association members contacted waqf board and asked the officials to limit the area of testing to the area which was notified for mosque. In other words association says that waqf board must not undertake chemical testing of the entire area. But according to the reports received so far, waqf board has maintained firm stand.

A number of graves have been demolished during the construction of Golf Association and several ancestors have been obliterated. Though the graveyard land had not been notified but as per the records there are irrefutable evidences proofing that it was a graveyard. Golf association has also destroyed a historical well during its construction work.

Waqf board chairman Maulana Ghulam Afzal Biabani told that if, from the chemical testing of the soil, it is proved that there was a graveyard in that place then the entire area under survey no 40 will come under the possession of waqf board.

It is our collective responsibility to protect community’s entity. If we come together we can become a force.

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