“Protect Masjid and Mandir” in Secretariat, Congress opp Leader writes to CM

Telangana: Congress opposition leader in TS Legislative Council, Mr Mohammed Ali Shabbir wrote a letter to CM of TS Mr KCR demanding him to protect two Masajid and a Temple which are located on the premises of Secretariat.

According to the reports, the state government has approved a proposal to dismantle these places of worship so that the new Secretariat could be constructed without any hindrance.

Mr Shabbir regretted that despite protests from opposition parties and civil society, the government is bent upon implementing the plan of construction of the buildings Secretariat and Assembly.

Mr Shabbir made it clear that he is not opposed to the construction of the latest buildings but he opposing this plan since it is the waste of public money. Instead of spending Rs. 500 crore, other welfare schemes could be implemented.

Mr Shabbir also condemned the demolition of Masjid-Ek-Khana, Amberpet and said that by demolishing religious places, govt. is hurting the religious sentiments of the people.

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