Prosperous Telangana is the objective: KCR tells partymen

TRS boss and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today gave a clarion call to the party leaders to perform and win the hearts of people as they  got a  mandate explicitly to serve them in a speedy manner opting different ways.

Drawing out his plan of action and long term objective of keeping the promises,  the chief minister said that they need to vie for developing Telangana into a state with dazzling lights of ushering in a new era of development and welfare. He further claimed that it is only Telangana state in India which was  spending Rs 35000 crore for the welfare,  which speaks volumes. Surprised at their priority to welfare and speedy growth in all sectors, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated the state,  KCR stated. Of course, it is only Telangana State in India which is  implementing  a volley of schemes for the welfare and the party leaders should work as bridge between the people and government, he asserted.


The chief minister stressed the need for routing out poverty by shifting focus on the problems being faced by various sections of people including weavers, fishermen, Yadavs, toddy tappers. ‘We need to show an alternative to those in difficulties by offering employment. We have implemented all manifesto promises and water and lakes schemes are aimed at providing safe drinking waters to people and irrigating crops in rural pockets’, he maintained. Reiterating that the TRS will not ask votes in 2019 general elections if its regime failed to keep  up the promise of drinking water to every household, KCR vowed to make Khammam a district abundant with water to irrigate crops.

The state has achieved Rs 30,000 crore investments from various noted companies of global and domestic importance and will become “numero uno” in IT sector soon, KCR declared.(NSS)