Property dispute: uncle kidnaps nephew, throws into Hussain Sagar

Hyderabad: An alert passerby foiled kidnap and killing plan of an uncle. He saved a child miraculously who was about to drown in Husain Sagar. ACP Balanagar Mr. Govardhan told this, who arrested boy’s uncle Santosh Goud and produced before media.

Mahesh Goud and Santosh Goud, R/O Papi Reddy Nagar Colony, are real brothers. Santosh, who reportedly bore a grudge against the boy’s father Mahesh (Santosh’s brother) over some property disputes, kidnapped Dhanush on the pretext of giving him chocolates. However, he reached Hussain Sagar along with Dhanush and threw him in the lake before fleeing the spot.

Lok Nath who was passing by, heard the screams of the boy and retrieved the boy with the help of Lake Police. He rushed the boy to the hospital and later handed over to his parents.

Police took Santosh into custody to take action against him.