Promises made to TS in bifurcation act yet to be fulfilled: KK

TRS member in Rajya Sabha, K. K. Kesava Rao, stoutly opposed the claim by the TDP that bifurcation of the undivided Andhra Pradesh was ” undemocratically, illegally and unscientifically” bifurcated by enacting the A. P. Reorganization Act, 2017.

Participating in the debate in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, Kesava Rao asserted the new state Telangana was carved after the people of the region had suffered for over sixty years in the undivided Andhra Pradesh. The region was completely neglected in various fields and after undergoing suppression and oppression, the people launched a movement to achieve the state, he pointed.

While stressing that it was imperative on the part of the central government to fulfil all the promises made in the Reorganization Act for Andhra Pradesh, the TRS member said that it was equally important that the interests of Telangana should also be kept in mind and the promises made to it also should be fulfilled. He reminded that in the Reorganization Act it was promised that AP State would provide 4000 MWs of electricity to Telangana but only 16000 MWs power was provided. This forced Telangana State to borrow or buy the required power from Chattisgarh. :” However, the state has achieved surplus now by its own efforts”, he pointed out.

Kesava Rao also reminded the House that Telangana was affected by Polavaram Project after seven mandals were handed over to AP. He also pointed that the High Court was yet to be divided. Therefore when lot of concern is being expressed over the financial losses to Andhra Pradesh because of not fulfilling the promises made in the Reorganization Act, why no one was speaking ab out the problems and loss of Telangana State”, he lamented.

While stressing the need for fulfil the promises made to AP in the reorganization Act, he reiterated that the interests of Telangana State should be also protected. (NSS).