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Prominent US newspapers slam Hillary Clinton on latest email expose

Prominent US newspapers slam Hillary Clinton on latest email expose

Top US newspapers have slammed Hillary Clinton after release of latest set of her emails alleging that she as Secretary of State used a private server to prevent the public from seeing how she mixed public power with personal financial and political ambition.

“These latest emails are further evidence that Mrs Clinton set up her private server to prevent the public from seeing how Hillary and Bill mixed public power with their personal financial and political ambitions via the family foundation,” The Wall Street Journal said in a lead editorial.

“When she got caught, Mrs Clinton cherry-picked the emails she’d turn over to State and tried to destroy the rest.

Meanwhile, everyone important in the world understood that a gift to the Clinton Foundation was a way to influence the US government,” the influential American financial daily reported.

In an editorial titled Donations by Access Boston Herald said the latest bunch of Clinton-era State Department emails released on Monday provide a host of instances in which donations to the Clinton Foundation netted the donors access to the secretary herself on an expedited basis.

Sacramento Bee in its editorial ‘Hillary Clinton Must Steer Clear Of Foundation’, write that it was necessary, and overdue, for former President Bill Clinton to make clear that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, his global foundation will no longer take money from corporations or foreign governments. “There were too many troubling questions and awkward appearances regarding Clinton Foundation donors receiving special access while she was secretary of state,” it said.

“The potential conflicts would become untenable with her in the Oval Office…But emails yes, it s another aspect of the email scandal have shown donors seeking, and in some cases, getting meetings with Clinton and other top officials. Judicial Watch, a conservative nonprofit group, sued for Clinton s emails and released another batch Monday,” the Bee said.

“The exchanges include ones between top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and foundation executive Douglas Band about face time for Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain, whose scholarship program gave USD 32 million to the Clinton Global Initiative,” the daily wrote.

“Corruption: Now that the FBI has found nearly 15,000 more emails and documents missing from Hillary Clinton’s server, the strategy is clear: Clinton will admit to nothing even as more emails dribble out, then when the pattern of criminality becomes clear in October or early November, her campaign will sing that it’s ‘old news ‘ or blame others,” wrote Investor s Business Daily in its editorial.

The New York Post said that it ll be weeks before the public learns anything about what s in that dump.

“But Monday brought plenty of dirt from yet another stash of e-mails, ones that top Hillary aide Huma Abedin sent or received on her Clinton email and other non-State accounts.

Brought to light by the good folks at Judicial Watch, these show new cases of special attention for big Clinton Foundation donors,” it said. However, according to The Washington Post, the emails show that, in these and similar cases, the donors did not always get what they wanted, particularly when they sought anything more than a meeting.

“But the exchanges, among 725 pages of correspondence… illustrate the way the Clintons’ international network of friends and donors was able to get access to Hillary Clinton and her inner circle during her tenure running the State Department,” The Washington Post reported.

The disclosures also cast new doubts on Clinton s past claim that she turned over all her work-related email from her private server to the State Department for eventual release to the public, it said.