Wedding of lawyer Muzafferullah Khan’s daughter held in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The wedding of Hyderabad’s prominent lawyer Mohammed Muzafferullah Khan’s daughter was held at Exhibition grounds on Monday.

Muzafferullah Khan aka Shafahat is the son of former legislator AP Assembly and Majlis Bacahao Tehreek (MBT) Mohammed Amanullah Khan.

His daughter has entered into wedlock with Adnan Amanath Ali Khan who is the son of Adil Karamath Ali Khan based in London, United Kingdom.

During the marriage ceremony, the former MBT President Majeedullah Khan Farhat and MBT corporator Amjedullah Khan Khalid welcomed the guests

Editor od Urdu newspaper Siasat, Zahid Ali Khan, News Editor Amer Ali Khan and several other dignitaries including senior Congress leaders and former ministers Geeta Reddy, Mohammed Ali Shabbir, former cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin, Congress leader Feroz Khan, TRS MLA Farooq Hussain and others were among the prominent invitees.