Project for Musi River beautification

Musi Riverfront Development Project is proposed to restore, conserve the Musi Riverand revitalize its environs, creating vibrant community and green spaces for the citizen of Hyderabad.

The Musi Corridor is proposed with East-West connectivity as Skyway, River Conservation and Beautification from the outfall of Himayatsagar and Osmansagar on West to Outer Ring Road at Gowrelli on East with a total length of 57.50 km, so that the Musi River within the city will have a lasting legacy, setting the path for a sustainable, inclusive future.

The Riverfront is proposed to be designed to the World Class, sustainable, innovative and well designed so that it could be landmark globally. To get the best design, an invitation is

sent to the selective Firms of National and International repute experienced in Urban Landscaping and Riverfront Development Projects to participate in the Design competition seeking ideas for Musi Revitalization along the river corridor.

The proposed plan for development of Musi river is beautification, landscapes in the river stretch from Puranapool to Chaderghat for a length of 3 km. and Designing of the Riverfront beautification for entire length of 57 km of river corridor in the city.

The Landscape Firms participating in the Design competition shall redesign the existing developments on the river banks on both sides in the selected stretch between Puranapool to Chaderghat (3 km) to the level of construction level of detail and the total stretch shall be the conceptual plans with 3D visuals showcasing the ideas.

The Musi Riverfront Development has designed a Brochure “TRANSFORMING HYDERABAD : MUSI RIVER REVITALIZATION” for circulation among the selected Design Firms to express their willingness and register to participate in

The last date for register is May9 and deadline for submission of their designs for competition is June 11 next month.

Some Firms registered till May 7 2018 are: Turenscape, China , Eco System Design, USA , Henning Larsen, Denmark , Wow Design Studio, Singapore , Arup International, UK-India, Space Matters & Snohetta, Norway-India , Surbana Jurong, Singapore-India , Hafeez Contractor, Mumbai , HCP Design, Ahmedabad and Anagram Architects, Delhi.

A Jury with eminent Architects, Academics and experts in the field shall be constituted for evaluation, selection and placing before the Government for approval. The public exhibition of designs shall also be organized between July to August 2018.

The Design Firms participating in the competition are also provided with a remuneration of 15,000 Euros towards their Design services who do not win the competition and the 3 rd prize

winner shall receiver 20,000 Euros and 2 nd Prize winner shall receive 25,000 Euros and the selected winner shall be awarded with Design of the Project.

The development of entire stretch of 57.50 km including East-West connectivity, Conservation and Beautification of Musi River is proposed to complete with a project period of 2 ½ years commencing from January 2019.

The orders were also issued by the Govt. to the HMWS&SB and the GHMC to make arrangements for diversion of sewage flow and prevent dumping of hazardous waste into the MusiRiver and to come up with an action plan to achieve.(NSS)