Progress in the formation of Telangana Wakf Board: Opinion sought from legal experts

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana had given an indication for the formation of Telangana State Wakf Board. It has sought opinions from the Dept. of Minorities Welfare and legal experts. It is understood that Mr. KCR has entrusted this responsibility to his son and IT Minister, Mr. KTR. He in turn, negotiated with Dy. CM, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali.


According to the reports, Mr. KTR, very soon would finalize the names of nominated members after which the notification for the formation of Wakf Board would be released.


It is almost certain that TRS MLC, Mr. Mohammed Saleem would be elected as the chairman of Wakf Board since Mr. KCR has okayed his name. It is understood that at one time, the ally of TRS had put forth its claim for the chairmanship of Wakf Board. Negotiations were held on the number of nominated members. It is reported that the ally of TRS has withdrawn its claim for the chairmanship of Wakf Board.


It may be mentioned that the election of 6 members of Wakf Board has already taken place. 4-5 more members have to be nominated by the Govt. Authentic sources indicated that out of these 6 elected members, four belong to the ally of TRS. This party also wishes to have its majority in the Govt. nominated members. It is reported that two women members would also be nominated to the Wakf Board which is mandatory as per the Wakf Act. Govt. wants to nominate a social activist and a lawyer. It is also reported that the wife of a police official who is the Standing Consul of the Govt. would be nominated as a member whereas for the second place, the name of a social activist from TRS is under consideration.



–Siasat News