Professor finds forgotten Apple IIe in parents’ attic, takes Twitterati down the memory lane

California: Attics are wonderful places, they hold memories and plenty of other long forgotten things such as an Apple IIe. That’s what Professor John Pfaff discovered when he combed through his parents’ attic.

What came next was a trip down memory lane and a series of tweets revealing the 10-year-old child in Pfaff because the now vintage Apple IIe not only was all intact but in working condition.

The 30-year-old Apple computer was fully functional and when Pfaff inserted an old game disk, the nostalgia exploded when it asked if he wanted to restore previously saved game. The decades gone by might have made Pfaff’s memory muddy but it did not stop him from playing Adventureland.

Adventureland was just the beginning when it came to exploring the vintage computer. Pfaff tried his hands at other games including Olympic Decathlon and Millionwaire. He also came across a letter his father wrote for him on the computer.

Apple IIe was first released in 1983 and this accidental discovery by Pfaff was enough to trigger nostalgia in other Twitter users who shared their experiences with the professor about their own Apple computer memories.