Prof. Haragopal slams TRS govt for curbing civil rights

Hyderabad: Civil rights leader Prof. Haragopal has alleged that the TRS government was suppressing the democratic and civil rights in the newly-formed Telangana State.

Speaking to the media here on Saturday, Prof. Haragopal alleged that the TRS government has grabbed the freedom of the students, who fought for the sake separate Telangana State. He said it was not proper to the TRS government to harass the students branding them as followers of proscribed Maoist Party. 

Telangana Vidyarthi Vedika (TVV) State Committee has condemned the TRS government’s decision declaring the TVV as the affiliated unit of the banned Maoist Party. TVV leaders Mahesh, K Laxmi Narayana, Vemula Andip, Ramulu, Bhasker and Nazir alleged that the TRS government resorted to false publicity against the TVV. They alleged that the TRS government targeted the TVV since its State mahasabha.

“The TRS government was harassing the TVV for its fight against the anti-student and anti-people policies and the government was threatening the TVV students creating scare among them”, they alleged and urged the democrats, students, intellectuals, poets and artistes to react on TRS government’s false publicity against TVV. (NSS)