Products students should have in their house as they prepare for exams

New Delhi [India]: As exams are just around the corner, many students would need to declutter their rooms and organise them in a better way so that they can focus only on their studies without getting distracted due to unmanaged stuff surrounding them.
So, Pritika Chatterjee, CEO and founder of TidyHomz lists down few options which students can keep in their rooms and houses to keep it clean and decluttered.

Laptop Table: Many students end up studying on their bed which affects their posture as they usually keep their books on their laps and study. Ergonomically designed Laptop Table can provide students with the perfect height for studying while they are sitting on a bed or a couch. Height adjustments in the table can help users change its height according to ones’ needs. The most interesting art of the laptop table is that it can be folded and put aside when not in use.

Laundry Bag: Who has the time to do the laundry in between exams? Throw all your dirty clothes in our Laundry Bag and take care of it once exams are over. Instead to throwing your dirty clothes in a bathtub or hang those at the back of your room’s door, buy a laundry bag and get of rid of all your dirty clothes in one go.

3pc Food Storage Box: Make your lunches/dinners in advance and store them in Food Storage Boxes. Those Microwave/Fridge and Dishwasher safe boxes can help you when you want to cook food once in a day only and store it for later use. So, just remove them from the fridge, heat up your food and you’re good to go! No need to use extra dishes all this while.

Lanterns: It is very important to have a beautiful environment to have a soothing and calming environment when you study. Sometimes, lights in the room play a very important role in making the environment reading friendly. So, opt for few hanging lanterns which will help create a relaxed environment to study.

Multipurpose Rack: Tired of carrying books and papers around the house? Multipurpose Rack comes to your rescue. Its design and wheels at the bottom can help carry your things around the house. As the name suggests, it is multipurpose, thus, it can be used for keeping your books/clothes/shoes and pretty much everything.

So organise your room and let’s get going and prepare for exams with full zeal and enthusiasm! (ANI)