Pro Wrestling becomes most popular league after cricket

New Delhi [India]: The third edition of the Pro Wrestling League 3 (PWL 3) proved to be an unprecedented hit as it became the most popular league in the country after cricket.

The PWL 3 reached over 85 crore viewers across India in over 36 hrs.

According to the latest BARC India ratings, PWL 3 has outshone the Pro Kabaddi League-V by an impressive nine percent in India and by a phenomenal 47 percent in Hindi-speaking markets.

Speaking about the impressive television numbers, Kartikeya Sharma, founder and promoter of ProSportify, said, “Sports like wrestling have not got the attention that mainstream sports get in India. The latest BARC India Ratings are proof that there is huge viewership for such sports, especially wrestling, if it’s packaged properly.”

“Even more heartening for us sports lovers is that people are enthusiastically watching other sports too, like wrestling, kabaddi, badminton and football. It is not just very cricket any longer in the country and that is very significant as it will eventually help India become a multi-sport viewing nation,” he added.

Kartikeya Sharma expressed happiness at the grand success of PWL 3. “We are extremely happy that PWL Season 3 secured the best ratings among ongoing sports leagues in the country and taken wrestling to a level that is second only to cricket,” he said.

The Pro Wrestling League (PWL) was launched in 2015 with the aim of reviving the popular Indian sport of ‘kushti’ (wrestling), tapping the enormous talent for the sport hidden away in remote corners of the country and re-introducing wrestling in India in a new and modern avatar.

The third season saw top wrestlers from as many as 17 countries participate in the league.

It also provided a great platform for India’s young and talented players compete and learn in close quarters from Olympic and World champions.(ANI)