Priyanka, Nick to sue magazine over ‘divorce’ cover story

MUMBAI: Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas‘s team has rubbished all the ‘divorce’ rumour and according to sources they will reportedly sue the US-based magazine for publishing fake news about their divorce after 117 days.

According to US edition of OK! magazine, the couple are quickly falling out of love now that they are “starting to really get to know each other”, reports “They’ve been fighting about everything – work, partying, spending time together. The bottom line is that Nick and Priyanka rushed into things… and now they’re paying the price.

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“There are whispers that Nick and Priyanka got married so quickly they didn’t take the time to draw up a prenuptial agreement,” the source also added. referred to the source as ‘seemingly phony’, talked about the pair’s lovey-dovey displays on social media and said it reached out to Priyanka’s rep, who confirmed that the OK! story was ‘nonsense.’

“Once she makes up her mind to deal with negative rumour-mongering, nothing can stop her. Piyanka will let loose her legal team on this news-manufacturing tabloid and ensure they get to their knees,” Quantico star’s close associate told

Another close friend of Priyanka told the website, “I met them both last week. The vibes between Priyanka and Nick is so warm no party pooper can piss on her parade. Tabloids and portals that go any lengths to generate news must be told where to get off.”

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