Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico slammed for implicating Hindus as ‘terrorists’

MUMBAI: A recent episode of Priyanka Chopra’s American TV series ‘Quantico’ has not gone down well with her fans fuming at her for portraying “Indian nationalists” as ‘terrorist’.

In the latest episode titled The Blood of Romeo which reportedly aired on June 1, the ‘Lucknow-born star who plays the role of Alex Parrish in the terrorism drama concludes a Hindu men with Rudrakshas carry out a nuclear attack in Manhattan to frame Pakistan.

Currently into its third season, the 35-year-old actress made her U.S. television debut in ‘Quantico’  which first premiered in 2015 .

Disappointment about this distasteful episode, fans of the actor took to micro-blogging platform twitter and slam her for showing Hindus and their religious symbol in ‘terrorists’ plot.

Here are reactions:

“What the hell was this episode of #Quantico .. they tried to show ‘Indian nationalists’ (their term) trying to blow up Manhattan to frame Pakistan.. I don’t even know what sort of ridiculous narrative was this episode trying to set.. nonsensical stuff,” read one of the tweets criticising the show’s narrative.

“She has crossed a line with her garbage lying attack on peaceful Hindus. Shame on her!” the group under the handle @HinduAmericans posted on Twitter.