Priyanka Chopra wishes good luck to friend Usher

Mumbai: Indian actress Priyanka Chopra has congratulated and wished good luck to singer Usher for the forthcoming film “Hands of Stone”.

The 34-year-old star on Tuesday took to Instagram, where she shared a photograph of herself with the “Yeah!” hitmaker.

In the image, Priyanka, who is sporting a little black dress, is pointing at Usher, who too is seen in an all-black ensemble.

“Congrats and good luck to my friend and talent extraordinaire Usher for the premiere of ‘Hands Of Stone’. You will kill it as Sugarray Leonard,” she captioned the photograph.

Directed and written by Jonathan Jakubowicz, “Hands of Stone”, an American-Panamanian biographical, is based on a book by Christian Giudice.

The film also stars Édgar Ramírez, Robert De Niro, Ruben Blades, Ellen Barkin, Ana de Armas, Oscar Jaenada, and John Turturro.