Priyanka Chopra developing film based on ‘Wild Wild Country’

Washington: Priyanka Chopra is developing a feature film based on the Netflix documentary ‘Wild Wild Country’, based on the Rajneesh cult.

The actor, who recently got married to Nick Jonas, will star as Ma Anand Sheela, the highly influential assistant to the Indian religious guru Bhagwan Rajneesh, reported Variety.

The ‘Quantico’ actress announced the plans during her appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Wednesday, revealing that she’s partnering with director Barry Levinson to make the film.

Speaking about it on the show, the actor told DeGeneres, “We’re developing it as the character of Sheela, who was this guru who originated from India, [Osho’s] right-hand woman. And she was just devious and created a whole cult in America, brought people here.”

“[The doc] was amazing, and I’m developing that next for me to star in and produce, which I think would be really cool,” she added.