Prisoners in Kuwait can now serve their sentence from home

Kuwait: In a never-heard-before instance, the prisoners who have been sentenced to prison in Kuwait are now allowed to serve their jail time at the comfort of their home. But obviously, there are conditions applied.

Local media reported that those who have been sentenced less than three-years prison can choose this facility. An electronic surveillance device will be placed on such prisoners, tracking their jail time at home.

The assistant undersecretary for correctional institutions affairs and sentences enforcement department at the ministry of interior, Major-General Talal Ma’arafi announced this humanitarian initiative, Al-Anba daily reported.

Talal Ma’arafi said that this will be done in collaboration with the public prosecution, and the electronic device will be able to follow the movement of the prisoner 24 hours a day.

The prisoner must first sign a pledge to agree to these terms, fully commit himself to remain within the permitted area and must not move anywhere else, and his personal phone must remain open 24/7.

In case of illness, he must take approval to go to the correctional hospital, in this case his movement from his place of residence to the hospital and back to the house will be tracked.

As per the media reports, Major General Ma’arafi indicated that the convict should pledge not to use a blocking device in his house and not to tamper with the bracelet or try to remove or damage it.

This initiative falls under the efforts of the interior ministry to provide humanitarian services to prisoners under the directives of interior minister Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali and the succession of home secretary Sheikh Faisal Al- Nawaf.