Prince watched ‘Sultan’ to prepare for his acting debut

Mumbai: Popular TV personality Prince Narula plays a wrestler in his small screen fiction debut and the actor says he watched superstar Salman Khan’s “Sultan” many times to get the nuances right.

Prince, who won “Bigg Boss 9”, hosted by the “Dabangg” star, says his character on the show “Badho Bahu” is a tribute to Salman.

“I watched ‘Sultan’ many times to prepare for the role and watch how Salman sir performed it. In fact, I also watched the body language of many Indian and international wrestlers… What they eat, their lifestyle and everything,” Prince told PTI.

“After ‘Sultan’, this is like my tribute to Salman sir. I wanted to tell him through this that I am doing this show and playing a role like him.”

Prince, 25, says his equation with the 50-year-old star is extremely special and he looks up to him for guidance.

“I told him that I am not the one who will ask him for work. He said he liked what I told him. I know he is not only with me, but with all the contestants who were on the show. He guides everyone. He has a very good heart. He feels happy when I am doing good.”

Prince’s show, which will air on &TV, chronicles the story of an overweight girl who overcomes her life’s battles with aplomb.

The youngster, who got instant fame after winning season twelve of “Roadies”, says he got on board for the show as he thought the concept was novel for small screen.

“I loved the story, and I thoroughly enjoyed while listening to it. It is something which is very interesting for TV. It has an appeal not only with children but also adults.

“Today, TV is so big that everyone is watching it. It has such a wide reach. I am very happy to be starting my acting career with a show like this.”

“Bado Bahu” is scheduled to air on September 12.