A Priest in Day,Thief at night got arrested for stealing two-wheelers in Delhi

New Delhi: Ram Kumar, 24, a priest during the day, and and a thief in the night got arrested by a police team along with his associate Harish,23, for stealing two-wheelers in Delhi.

During interrogation at the Dwarka North police station in south-west Delhi, Kumar said that they stole bikes from outside parks and metro stations. The stolen bikes were taken to Mathura and sold it for Rs 5000-10,000 depending on the year they were manufactured.

“I have sinned and God will punish me,”said Kumar, so far police have recovered eight stolen bikes from them.

The police officer said that few officers at the Kakrola road in south-west Delhi spotted two men in a bike on Sunday night . “Their style of riding appeared suspicious. We stopped the bike and asked them for papers, which they failed to show. We checked the registration number and found it was stolen from Uttam Nagar in October. They were arrested from the spot.”

Ram Kumar came to Delhi from Mathura to work as a priest a year ago, with Harish, who is from Aligarh.

They used to visit the colonies in south-west Delhi for offering to read the Bhagwad Gita and read religious scriptures.

An officer said.“For 2-3 hours during the day, Ramkumar worked as a priest. After this they looked around for two-wheelers. They stole mostly at night.”

“They claim to use a master key to open the steering of old bikes. Harish claimed all he needs is to connect two wires after opening the bike’s engine casket to start the bike.”

“Ram Kumar says he has realized he is a priest by birth and not a thief. He has gone into a shell and talks about God and his sins. Maybe he will speak before the judge tomorrow,” an officer said.