Priest who dances at MASS goes viral

Mexico City: A Mexican priest, who dances the “Alleluia” in church as if doing a folk dance, has gone viral on social networks, where he is now known as “Lady Padre”.

The not-yet-identified priest appears in a video wearing a kind of woman’s red-striped gown typical of Mexican folk dancing. The garb ceaselessly flutters over his habit as the chorus chants the “Alleluia”. On the altar before a handful of the faithful, some of them waving banners, Lady Padre spins around, shifts his gown, covers his face with it, then drums up enthusiasm among parishioners by leaping and clapping. The images end with the priest proclaiming “alleluia” and “Jesus” several times, to which the faithful respond excitedly.

The video, posted on a number of YouTube accounts, has been shared some 80,000 times.While many hailed the priest’s playfulness, just as many spoke of his affected manner, accused him of being drunk or of displaying an attitude contrary to what is appropriate in church.

“A binge in the church?” YouTube user Guadalupe Pimentel Bailon asked.”Marketing, it’s marketing,” said Loolaabuunnyy. “A complete demonstration of joy. Machineguns, missiles and bombs do harm and make more noise, but hearts full of faith that express themselves in such a way, as in this video, have more power. Alleluia!” said Rulinsito Raul Galvan.

Though some users suspect this is a meme and that the supposed priest in the images is a fake, the video looks like it won’t stop racking up visits anytime soon.