PriceMap – a search engine for brick and mortar retail

New Delhi : Indian shopping habit is best described as physically selecting the product and checking out prices at a few shops to get you the very best deal! But in this age when everyone is looking for convenience, hopping market-by-market just to find the shop offering best price is too tedious and time-consuming. So, people opt for online.

“This is the biggest challenge physical retail faces today”, said Suresh Kabra, Founder PriceMap, “When it comes to convenience, there is no level playing field between online and offline since there is no search engine which will get you availability and price of the product you want to buy at stores around you.”

With PriceMap you can find the nearest shop offering the best price on the product you wish to purchase, right on your smartphone. Available in NCR on both Android/iOS platform, the app works on a very simple link-sharing concept. All you need to do is search online, using Google, for what you wish to buy. Once you find your product on any website/ ecommerce site (or app), share page link with PriceMap installed on your phone. PriceMap will get you the prices for this product from shops in nearby markets. Sitting in the convenience of your home, you are able to contact the shop offering best price and make the purchase.

“PriceMap users are able to get a better than the online deal from a shop nearby in more than 90 percent cases and this is the biggest impact of the platform,” said Suresh. Over the thousands of transactions, PriceMap has delivered an average savings of 11 percent when compared to online. You not only save time and money but are also buying from a trusted retailer near you after physically checking the product.

The Indian retail market size is USD 600 billion and about 12 million mom and pop stores capture 90 percent of the total trade. Using PriceMap Seller app, any mom and pop store can start pulling online buyers to their shops without investing a single penny on IT infrastructure and resources. (ANI)