Presidential election: Will MIM support BJP?

Hyderabad: Polling for the presidential election will be held on 17th July. The stand taken by all the important political parties has been made clear but MIM has not yet made its stand clear. Ms. Meira Kumar is a Congress candidate whereas Mr. Ram Nath Kovind has been sponsored by BJP.

Ruling party in Telangana, TRS openly supported Mr. Kovind. It claims that Mr. Modi nominated a Dalit leader for the post of President on its advice. Congress is making an attempt to take support from TDP and CPM whereas the unclear stand of MIM is creating anxiousness among the people and various political parties. Soon after the declaration of the candidature of Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, President of MIM, Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi had severely criticized him saying that as the spokesman of BJP, Mr. Kovind had given a controversial statement against Muslims and Christians in 2010. Basing on this statement, Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi had raised questions against Mr. Kovind. Now that the ally of MIM, TRS is campaigning in favour of Mr. Kovind, the political parties and people of Telangana and Maharashtra are anxious to know the stand taken by MIM.

In Telangana, MIM has one MP, 7 MLAs and 1 MLC whereas, in Maharashtra, it has two MLAs. In case of not extending support to any candidate, will MIM remain absent on the day of polling?

In the present situation, MIM has no choice except to support Ms. Meira Kumar since its leadership has expressed views in support of Dalit-Muslim unity on more than one occasion.

It remains to be seen whether MIM will act upon the advice of its ally, TRS and its leader, Mr. KCR? Or will it act upon the voice of conscience? According to experience and popularity, Ms. Meira Kumar is far ahead of Mr. Kovind.

It may be mentioned that President of India is not elected directly through the votes of the people but by Electoral College consisting of MPs (both Lokh and State Assemblies). The value of votes of both MPs and MLAs is determined on the basis of the population of the states.

The term of office of the President of India is 5 years. In case of his resignation, he has to tender it to the Vice President.

–Siasat News