President returns home after three-nation tour

New Delhi:President Pranab Mukherjee returned home tonight after a six-day visit to Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

He flew in from Israel, which was the third and the last leg of his tour. Mukherjee became the first Indian Head of State to visit Israel.

Before the conclusion of Mukherjee’s three-day visit to Israel, its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hosted a lunch for him and remarked that the future of the bilateral ties is “limitless”.

Netanyahu described the President’s visit as a “momentous occasion” signifying strengthening ties between the two countries which have translated into several partnerships across wide ranging fields and some of those endeavours are also coming through.

Talking about the acceptance enjoyed by India in Israel, the Prime Minister said that while his country has several parties and ideological disputes, they all love India and there is no dispute on that.

Seeking partnership in new initiatives, Netanyahu said that the “future belongs to those who innovate”.

“The future belongs to those who innovate rapidly and only they can ensure future prosperity to their people. If we work together and we can combine our strengths, we will be able to position better in the global market,” the Israeli Premier said.