President Obama apologises to Doctors Without Borders for Kunduz Airstrike

New York: US President Barack Obama has apologized to Doctors Without Borders for the deadly Kunduz hospital airstrike, which killed 22 people last week.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, while briefing the media, said that President Obama apologises and expressed his condolences to Doctors Without Borders International President Dr. Joanne Liu during a telephonic conversation.

He apologised for the US military airstrike, which mistakenly attacked an MSF field hospital in Kunduz in Afghanistan that killed 22 people, including the staff and patients.

According to ABC News, Dr. Joanne Liu issued a statement in response to the apology and has asked for the US government’s consent for an independent investigation led by the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission.

The US continues to refrain from giving support for an independent investigation. Obama has assured Liu for a transparent, thorough and objective investigation to find the facts and circumstances of the incident.

Currently, there are three different investigations going on, including one led by US Department of Defense(ANI)