New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday greeted the nation on the New Year’s eve.

The President said, “On the joyous occasion of New Year, I convey warm greetings and good wishes to all my fellow countrymen in India and abroad. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.”

“May the New Year be an occasion to make a fresh beginning and renew our resolve for individual as well as collective growth.” “Let us inculcate in ourselves love, compassion, tolerance and work towards creating an inclusive society where peace and harmony prevails,” he said.

The President said it was a time to reinforce the civilization values that bind together the complex diversity of modern-day India and promote them among our people and the world.

He also urged the countrymen to work towards preserving the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. “Let us strive to make our country clean and green and the environment pollution free.”