Present generation of dynast has become liability for Congress party, says Arun Jaitley

Politics: The present generation of dynast has become a liability for the Congress party, said Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in a blog on Saturday.

“The socio-economic profile of India is moving up the growth ladder. It may be difficult for a country with this socio-economic profile to accept dynasties,” he said in the blog titled ‘Will 2019 Witness the Dynasty as a Liability on the Congress Party.’

“A relevant question with this changing socio-economic profile of India is – Are dynasties an asset for a party or are they a liability? Unquestionably, the present generation of dynast has become a liability rather than an asset for the Congress party,” said Jaitley.

Virtually questioning the political acumen of Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Jaitley said: “If the Congress’s dynast has only an ability to deliver 44 seats or 60 seats in Parliament. What then is the incentive for conventional Congressmen to bear the humiliation of subjecting themselves to a dynast? Ultimately, in dynastic parties, one has to accept political slavery.”

Jaitley also alleged that a lot of “traditional bright faces” are deserting the Congress party.

“These Congressmen today look at a party like the BJP where men and women of talent have a huge opportunity to move up, both in the party, legislatures and governments,” he said, asserting that two Prime Ministers given by the BJP to this country – Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi – were the tallest leaders of their generation.

The Finance Minister said that a similar situation arises with regard to caste-based parties as well.

Referring to the poor results fared by the regional parties like RJD and BSP in 2014, Jaitley said: “The sun will slowly but surely come down on that era.”

Jaitley also claimed that his party has already consumed some of the space occupied by the regional parties in states like Bengal, Odisha, and other North-Eastern states.

He also predicted that this election will witness BJP as co-equal in Kerala.

“The BJP has the ability to fight and occupy more political space from the regional parties is already visible. The Congress inherently lacks that instinct,” he said.

Insisting that the centre space in the ongoing election is occupied by the BJP, Jaitley said: “The momentum is clearly with the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

“In terms of national leadership contest for a Prime Ministerial election, it is almost becoming a one-horse race. There is nobody else measuring up to PM Modi’s level of capacity and acceptability.”

“Is history going to witness something wholly unprecedented? Are we going to witness the rejection of caste-based and dynastic parties? And will aspirational India make a harsh judgement on electing a merit-based leadership,” he questioned.

The Union Minister said the Congress’ key thrust based on ‘fake issues’ has cracked up. He also claimed that the Congress promise of ‘NYAY’ was not cutting ice with the people.

“Based on fake issues, the key thrust of what the Congress was building up in the last one year has cracked up. They are now concentrating on a new scheme declared in their manifesto which is cutting no ice with the people. The entire reliance on the members of the first family to deliver a sustainable campaign is proving to be a non-starter,” he stated in the blog.

The Lok Sabha elections are scheduled to be conducted in seven phases from April 11 to May 19. Two phases of polling have already taken place on April 11 and April 18. The counting of votes will take place on May 23.