Present comprehensive report – Saleem urges BCs Commission

Hyderabad: TRS MLC, Mr. Mohammed Saleem requested BCs Commission to present a comprehensive report about reservations so that Muslims could benefit. Mr. Saleem presented a memorandum to BCs Commission and said that Mr. KCR is serious about the development of Muslims. He had made a promise that he would provide 12% reservations to Muslims in the fields of education and employment. He sought report from Sudhir Commission of Inquiry which recommended 9-12% reservations for Muslims.

Mr. Saleem congratulated the chairman and members of BCs Commission and hoped that they won’t disappoint Muslims. He further told that Mr. KCR is famous for fulfilling his promises. During Telangana agitation, people had said that separate Telangana would not be formed but Mr. KCR made it possible. In the same manner, Mr. KCR would get sanctions for 12% reservations for Muslims from Central Govt. He mentioned that Telangana State is far ahead of other States in implementing welfare schemes. CM of Telangana wants to see happiness on the faces of Muslims and other communities.

–Siasat News