Preparations underway as Maduro set to visit Russia: Venezuelan diplomat

Ufa [Russia]: Preparations for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s visit to Russia are underway, according to the Latin American nation’s Ambassador in Moscow Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa.

Tortosa made the comments while speaking to Sputnik on Wednesday.

“The respective notification has been sent to the Russian Foreign Ministry. Russia and Venezuela have exchanged information on the need for such a meeting. Everything is underway to comply with conditions for a meeting and to carry it out as soon as possible. Our Foreign Ministry is preparing an agenda and when the date will be determined, we will make it public,” the diplomat said.

Without specifying the date, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov had confirmed the Venezuelan leader’s visit to the nation earlier on Wednesday.

A host of crucial agreements are expected to be exchanged during the visit, according to Caracas.

The South American nation continues to be in the throes of a political crisis. National Assembly President Juan Guaido had proclaimed himself to be the President of the nation amidst protests for Maduro’s removal in Caracas this January.

The United States immediately recognised Guaido as the interim President of the nation, rallying support for the leader. Over 50 countries have backed Guaido and called for Maduro to step down, They believe that the elections which propelled Maduro to power were rigged.

The Venezuelan President has refused to step down and continues to hold on to his post, citing the military’s support. The country is also suffering from an acute economic crisis which is aggravated by multiple US sanctions against the nation. Countries like Turkey and Russia have slammed foreign interference in Venezuela while extending their support to Maduro.