Pregnant woman was offered cash for abortion after she found dead Rat in soup

A pregnant woman found a dead rat in her soup in a popular restaurant in China which has been shut down after this incident and the woman claimed that the restaurant staff offered her money to get an abortion if the meal affected her unborn child’s health.

The couple was eating at the Xiabu Xiabu restaurant when she found the dead rat in the hotpot. The outlet in Shandong province has now been temporarily suspended.

Mr Ma, her husband, said he informed the restaurant staff to the situation and was offered cash for abortion if they were worried about the health of the baby.

The restaurant allegedly offered them 5,000 yuan ($728) in compensation for this incident. Later the Health officials investigated the restaurant but found no traces of rats. However, the restaurant was shut down temporarily for other violations, including pooled water in the food processing areas and using produce suppliers without full qualifications.

[source_without_link]SIASAT NEWS[/source_without_link]