Pregnant woman rescued after being imprisoned for 16 years in Brazil

Ceará (Brazil): A Brazilian woman was punished by her family for getting pregnant in Uruburetama. The Women was kept in a prison for 16 years in a small 3×3 metre room.

According to Deccan Chronicle, the police took into custody to the family members for holding up the women illegally for so long.

The woman, Maria Lúcia de Almeida Braga had an affair, become pregnant at the age of 20 and her family imprisoned her as they couldn’t tolerate the shame.

Maria Lúcia’s now 36-year-old, her father and brother locked her up in the room 16 years ago, and the room was without toilet and the walls of room stinks so badly like dung and urine. She was forced to sleep in filth on a makeshift hammock and many times she had to be naked, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Police received a tip off and went to see, there was only a window and no power was there in the room.

“No matter how loud she screamed, she would not have been heard,” as it was faraway area and no vehicles pass by an official said.

João de Almeida Braga, 48, brother of Maria Lúcia, was arrested by the police and will be prisoner for only eight years. Her father had a stroke and is weak is not punished.

The mother tried her best to rescue her daughter from being punished but couldn’t do it. She got psychological problems and is bed-ridden.

Maria Lúcia’s had a son who was given to the third party after his birth had been recognized and is 15 year-old-now and police is looking forward to meet the son with his mother.