Pregnant Indian-origin woman shot in UK, baby survives

London: An eight-month pregnant Indian-origin woman was killed with a crossbow by a man believed to be her former partner at her home in east London.

Sana Muhammad, also known as Devi Unmathallegadoo, was shot in the abdomen during the confrontation at her home in Ilford on Monday morning. Doctors performed an emergency surgery to save her unborn infant boy, who was in a stable condition, the police said.

Muhammad, 35, however, died from her injuries, the Evening Standard reported.

Suspect Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo, 50, believed to be the victim’s former partner, was arrested at the scene. He was charged with murder on Tuesday and was due to appear at the Old Bailey on Thursday, the Guardian reported.

The victim changed her name to Sana Muhammad after she married her current husband Imtiaz Muhammad about seven years ago. She had three children from her previous relationship, two girls with her second husband and was eight months pregnant with her sixth child at the time of her death.

Imtiaz Muhammad told the Evening Standard that he found her killer hiding in their garden shed at their home when he went to put away a cardboard box.

“He was there with the crossbow loaded. He stared at me, he was going to shoot so I ran into the house. My wife was doing the washing up, I was shouting ‘run, run, run’. He shot her. I can’t help thinking she took my arrow,” said the victim’s husband.

“The kids were all there, it was horrific. The arrow went up into her heart but did not touch the unborn baby. The baby was due in four weeks. They operated with the arrow still in because it would have been too dangerous to take out.”

“She was a wonderful mother and wife. I am heartbroken,” he said.

Imtiaz Muhammad said that some of the children were preparing to go to school when the attacker entered the house. “Now I must look after the children and the baby. People have been so kind,” he said.