Pregnancy now possible with own eggs even after early menopause

New Delhi: Advances in medical science have now made pregnancy possible even among women who have achieved menopause. Bringing cheer to a lot of women, who are now witnessing menopause quite early in life, the medical fraternity is making use of stem cells nestled in the ovary to produce eggs even after menopause.

Ruchi, a 35 year married lady working in the national capital, kept postponing having babies because of career and when she did want to have a baby, she realised she has just hit the menopause wall. The available options for her to get pregnant were acceptable to her since they involved depending on someone else’s eggs. She then came to know about stem cell therapy which promised what she wanted. She went in for rejuvenation of her ovary with stem cell therapy and within months she had her own eggs in the ovary and got pregnant.

“The rejuvenation of ovary with stem cell therapy is a big development. It provides an answer to a lot of women who wanted to conceive but were not allowed to due to early menopause or any other factor. There have been various options for infertility treatment available to women, but this stem cell therapy for rejuvenating ovary is truly spectacular and holds a ray of hope for a lot of women,” said Dr Prabhu Mishra, co-founder StemGenn Therapeutics.

“The process of rejuvenation takes only a few months and the woman can get pregnant with her own eggs instead of relying on someone else. Stem cell therapy is now providing solutions to lot of other medical problems also with very satisfactory results,” he added.

There is an increasing trend of premature onset of menopause among women. Early onset can be a result of surgery like hysterectomy or damage to the ovaries. Any menopause that takes place before the age of 40, irrespective of the cause, is termed premature menopause.