Is eating prawns “Halal” or “Haram”? Discussion on “seafood” at Jamia Nizamia

Hyderabad: Noted Islamic university, Jamia Nizamia of Hyderabad is holding an academic discussion at 10 a.m. on Sunday, 11th February on “Seafood in the light of Shariat”.

Maulana Mohammed Khaja Shareef will present a paper on crab, alligator and prawns, Maulana Ziauddin Nakshbandi on “Seafood in the light of Shariat”, Prof. Badiuddin Saberi on “Slaughtering animals on machines and permitted terrestrial animals”, Maulana Mohammed Lateef Ahmed on “‘Haram’ and ‘Halal’ in eatables in the light of Shariat”.

Mr. Syed Ahmed Ali, Secretary, Jamia Nizamia has requested the old students, scholars and others to attend this seminar.

It may be mentioned that on 1st January 2018, Jamia Nizamia issued a fatwa (decree) against eating prawns. The fatwa was issued by the Chief Mufti of Jamia Nizamia, Mohammed Azeemuddin. However, many Muslims clerics expressed dissatisfaction with this fatwa.

As per the fatwa, prawns do not belong to the category of fish and it is an arthropod. Mufti Mohammed Azeemuddin kept prawn under the category ‘Makruh-e-Tahrim’.