Prashant Bhushan’s tweet on COVID-19 vaccines triggers row

New Delhi: Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan’s tweet once again triggered row. This time his tweet was on COVID-19 vaccines.

On June 28, he tweeted, “The healthy young have hardly any chance of serious effects or dying due to covid. They have a higher chance of dying due to vaccines. The covid recovered have much better natural immunity, than the vaccine gives them. Vaccines may even compromise their acquired natural immunity”.

Later, Twitter attached ‘misleading’ label to the tweet. However, the issue did not settle down. Many Twitterati raised concerns over the impact the tweet might create on vaccination drive.

Some of Twitterati reactions are as follows

When his views triggered a row, the advocate wrote another tweet. In the tweet, he tried to justify his earlier views. He wrote, “A lot of people including friends & family have accused me of promoting Vaccine hesitancy, let me clarify my position. I am not anti Vaccine per se. But I believe it is irresponsible to promote universal vaccination of experimental & untested vaccines esp to young & Covid recovered”.

After hours, the advocate also gave the reasons for his ‘vaccine skepticism’. However, this tweet was also labeled ‘misleading’ by the Twitter.

Meanwhile, both center and states are trying to vaccinate everyone above 18 years of age at the earliest.

India’s Covid vaccination drive started on January 16 this year and so far, over 32.36 crore people have received doses.