Prakash Raj urges Indians to stand as fearless society which questions

Bengaluru: Actor Prakash Raj, on Monday decried a “fake” statement on secularism and tolerance attributed to him. He also urged people to question fearlessly.

The actor, who has been vocal about being anti-Modi, tweeted a photograph which features his image and the lines “All Hindus should learn secularism” “Hindus have been wiped out from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir. They never sought revenge from Muslims.”

“They silently embraced death. All Hindus should learn secularism and tolerance from those Hindus.”

Prakash marked it as “fake news” and captioned it: “By spreading such lies, instead of debating my views, you are proving to the world how frustrated… desperate… and the cheap levels you can stoop down.”

He then urged: “Dear citizens, please like and retweet this to show such cowards …that we stand for a fearless society which questions.”

Prakash has been of late quite active with his ‘Just Asking’ hashtag on Twitter, where he raises pertinent questions related to socio-political issues.

During a conclave earlier this month, he had commented on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP President Amit Shah and BJP leader-cum-central minister Anant Kumar Hegde, saying: “I am anti-Modi, anti-Amit Shah and anti-Hegde”.