Prakash Raj demands CCTV footage of MAA polls

Hyderabad: Following high drama around the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) elections, Vishnu Manchu was elected president of the association and even though his rival Prakash Raj and his supporters resigned from their positions, Vishnu did not react.

Many artistes came forward claiming they faced mental harassment by the Manchu family during MAA elections. Others also alleged foul play in the elections. In this context, Prakash Raj has sought evidence from the spot. He has written a letter to the polling officer seeking CCTV footage from the polling booth.

Prakash Raj’s letter said, “You were witness to many unfortunate events that happened in the just-concluded MAA elections. The tempers were high and we saw unruly, anti-social behaviour of DRC member Sri Mohan Babu and ex-president Sri Naresh. They abused, threatened and physically attacked members of MAA.”

“I assume you used your discretionary powers to allow them and their henchmen in the polling arena.

Prakash Raj said the MAA elections and later incidents made them a “laughing stock” in the eyes of the public and there is disgust about behaviour of some known faces. He said even MAA members want to know the truth about these reports.

Prakash Raj has demanded CCTV footage of the polls, saying “as a polling officer, it is your duty to preserve all the records at least for three months.”

“I request you to give us CCTV footage as early as possible. Unless you act immediately, I fear the footage will be deleted or tampered with,” he wrote.