Power employees to go on nationwide strike on February 3

Hyderabad: Power employees in the state to boycott work on February 3 against the privatization policy of the Government of India.

The All-India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) wants the withdrawal process of privatisation of electricity in states and Union territories.

The boycott will be in response to a nationwide call by the National coordinating committee for power employees and engineers (NCCEEE). 

The Telangana unit announcing its decision on Monday, alleged that a conspiracy was being hatched at the Centre to hand over power distribution business to corporates close to the BJP-led government so that consumers could have any business.

The Uttar Pradesh government had withdrawn the privatization plans after the employees opposed collectively.

The AIPEF Chairman, Shailendra Dubey said on Sunday, during a virtual conference, that the electricity amendment bill in its present form was unacceptable. To increase pressure on the government, the federation held meetings and resorted to boycott work.

 The chairman said that unless the government reverses its decision, the protest will be intensified as the steps taken by the government in the name of reforms have put the electricity distribution companies (DISCs) at risk.