Poverty drives K’taka farmer to work as cattle

Kalaburagi: A poor farmer and his wife have been working as cattle on the field in Nandhikoor village of Kalaburagi, Karnataka.

Gundu Shapur, the farmer along with his wife, has been working as cattle as they cannot afford one.

They sow the field themselves as cattle would cost them Rs 1000 per day and sowing takes four days.

“The whole money for the seeds would go if I spend money on the cattle. The cattle would cost us Rs 4000 for four days, we can’t afford it. We don’t have any help from the government,” he said.

Gundu does not own a field, the one they have is on a lease. For the past three years, farmers are facing problems due to lack of rainfall.

Owing to the problems, Gundu works as an auto driver after working on the field. His children too, help him after school and in their free time.

“I work in the field in the morning, and ride an auto in the evening to sustain the family. My children also help me in this.” (ANI)