Pothole-riddled roads leave commuters in dismay

Mumbai : Majority of the roads constructed across India have developed potholes due to torrential downpour, leaving commuters in dismay.

In Maharashtra’s Mumbai, potholes were seen in Ahilyabai Holkar Marg in Shivaji Nagar area. Commuters claimed that the severe water logging at the time of monsoon had made it more difficult to travel, as potholes were getting submerged in the water.

“Government should fill these potholes as soon as possible, as in monsoon season, these become invisible and it gets very dangerous,” a local cautioned.

On the other hand, the traffic police were seen filling potholes in the Bhiwandi Nampa area, following which locals too joined the initiative.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur, locals claimed that the government had promised to fill all potholes by 15 June 2017, but no action was taken so far.
“Government is talking about religion and nothing else,” a local said.

A similar situation was seen in West Bengal’s Kolkata, where potholes on the roads of the southern part of the city such as Jhingiria, Taratala and Bracebridge have snarled the traffic for long hours.

In Hyderabad, too, locals urged for safety in the monsoon season, and appealed to the government to fill the potholes at the earliest.

According to data, nearly 3,600 people had died due to potholes in 2017. (ANI)