Potential threats to Pakistan- An interview with George Galloway

In this interview, Mr George Galloway talks about Pakistan and threats to the country in accordance with the current Geo-political scenario.

Mr Galloway is a Scottish politician, broadcaster, and writer. Most importantly on Islamic front, he is known for his support to Palestine against Zionism.

Biggest threat to Pakistan?

Galloway says, that the biggest threats to Pakistan include religious terrorists, political parties and sold out media.

“I’ve been close to Pakistan almost all my life, and have remained in close touch with the events that have occurred here till now. And all this time, there has been religious terrorism,” he says.

On political parties:

“Pakistan has had political parties always scrobbling against each other, criminalizing each other,” he says. Adding that these political parties spend their energy in prosecuting and persecuting the people.

On media:

According to Mr Galloway, Pakistan has very dodgy media. The quality of the dodginess has varied from time to time. The source of Pakistan’s media is third grade, that has also changed from time to time.

Watch George Galloway speaking here: