Postgraduate woman aspire to be RTC bus driver

Hyderabad: It is quite common for burkha-clad Muslim women to drive two-wheelers and cars. But it is uncommon to see Muslim women driving a heavy-duty vehicle. Nazneen Begam of Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh had learned to drive an RTC bus and aspired to serve the Road transport corporation as a bus driver.

The Road transport corporation imparted bus driving training to 16 people and Nazneen Begum was the only lady driver among them.

According to the trainers, she had learned bus driving within a week.

She is an M.A. B.Ed and worked in a private college as a lecturer for one year. A desire to get a government job spurred Nazim Begam to learn bus driving. Now she is striving to work as a bus driver in APSRTC.