Posters urging people to vote put up at wedding function in MP

Burhanpur: With Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections inching closer, the Election Commission of India (ECI) is leaving no stone unturned to urge voters to cast their vote.

The ECI has directed the district administration and the concerned election officers of the respective areas to urge people to take part in elections which is considered as the festival of democracy.

Inspired by poll body’s election awareness campaign, people in the state have started putting up banners, written both in Hindi and Urdu at wedding ceremonies urging people to exercise their franchise on November 28.

One such scene was witnessed in Burhanpur city where Atahullah Khan, father of groom Salman Khan put up a poster appealing to the guests, who had come to attend his son’s wedding, to cast their vote.

Atahullah, who is a social worker said, “Considering voting as a moral obligation, I have done my bit to urge people of my city by placing posters at my son’s wedding to urge them to vote. As the population of minorities is more in this city, hence I printed the posters in Urdu so that it can be easily readable to all.”

Madhya Pradesh will go to polls on November 28 to elect 230 members of the Legislative Assembly. The results will be declared on December 11.