Post TSRTC strike: 50 pc buses require repair

Hyderabad: Half of the 3,500 TSRTC buses in the city require immediate repairs. Since many of these buses have been withdrawn for maintenance the passengers who were happy over the end of strike have begun to complain of lack of routine service.

The buses which were routinely ready for regular maintenance work have been damaged further because of the alleged reckless driving by the temporary drivers.

During the long strike RTC which appointed temporary drivers and conductors did not recruit any technical staff.

In one of the city’s bus depots, one bus was disposed as scrap as it was found to be in beyond repair condition.

While the RTC employees say that  50 per cent of the total busses require repairs the RTC management puts the number at only 600.

The RTC Greater Hyderabad Region Executive Director, Venkateswarlu said that many buses require repairs immediately.

There are 3,750 buses under the limits of 29 depots in the twin cities. Daily 3,500 buses ply on the road. Each depot has a fleet strength of 85 to 130 buses. In some depots, only 10 buses were down for repairs, whereas in other depots their number reached up to 40.

While mechanics are undertaking instant repairs, 10 per cent of the buses have been confined to garages for want of spares.